Monday, November 29, 2004

A Winter Afternoon on the Middle Middle

Matt in Second Island Drop.

After the best week of water levels all autumn, and after missing every trip I tried for, I was glad to get out on Sunday to run the MM at a nice medium flow of 1500 cfs, a great first-time flow for a few of us who were running this great run for the first time.

I assume y'all know the MM inside and out, so I'll save the story telling for another trip. Here's the eye candy though! Photos are available in the gallery.

Cable Drop
David runs Cable Drop.

The gang: David, Chris, Matt and Nick with Shaun in the distance

First Island Drop Video:
The group runs First Island Drop.

David and Shaun below First Island Drop.

Chris, David, and Matt with Russian Peaks in the distance.

Nick in a boulder garden.

A-Frame Drop Video:
The group runs A-Frame Drop.

Chris below A-Frame.

Shaun below A-Frame.

Chris runs Surprise Drop.

Shaun in House Rocks.

House Rocks Video:
David, Matt, Chris and Shaun run House Rocks.
Nick runs House Rocks.
Matt runs the last pitch of House Rocks.
Nick, Chris, and Shaun run the last pitch of House Rocks.
David runs the last pitch of House Rocks.

Nick in Second Island Drop.

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