Monday, October 25, 2004

Headworks of the Green River

On Sunday, Susan, David, Butch, Chris, Matt, Mel, Zack and I spent a great afternoon on the Headworks of the Green River. This a short section of river above the Green River Gorge, with mostly class II water, optional III at the end, and some great little surf spots. Everyone had good runs at Railroad Bridge Drop and Ledge Drop One, for those who ran it.

For all pictures from the day, visit the gallery.

Railroad Bridge Drop Video
Butch, Chris, David, Matt, Mel, Susan, and Zack.

Ledge Drop One Video
David, Zack and Matt, and my camera-tucked-under-the-chin attempt at a helmet cam shot. No, I didn't swim ... I just dropped the camera! ;-) It's got a bit too much of a left-bias to it, but I think I'll this again.

Chris surfing above Railroad Bridge Drop.

Butch surfing the bedrock waves below Railroad Bridge Drop.

Matt and Zack above Ledge Drop One.

David in the final boulder garden.

Mel in the final boulder garden.

Susan just above the takeout.

Zack Just above the takeout.

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