Saturday, October 30, 2004

East Fork Humptulips -- Narrows Run

David, above the Narrows.

Gary Korb. Much respected for his guidebook, but known to oversimply access descriptions. Korb describes this run as a "supernatural fantasty gorge" -- and he's not kidding. Nick Borelli, David Chathum, Kate Lucas, Steve Munk and I enjoyed this scenic rainforest paradise at ~2000 cfs on the combined E Fork/W Fork gauge. I estimate that translated to 250 cfs in the Narrows.

While Korb was spot on describing the scenary, the putin directions got us nowhere. It took a good half-hour to get from the road to the river, and it was a relief to finally get on the water. The first mile or so of river was a slow-moving meander through glowing stands of trees.

For the full photo record, visit the galleries: gallery 1 and gallery 2.

Above the gorge that forms the Narrows, there are some hints of other, younger rock exposed by the river.

Nick and Kate floating above the Narrows.

Kate basking in the sun.

David, Above the Narrows.

A canyon wall, with a spring dripping down. Slowly, the tree-lined valley narrows, until Flatbottom Creek enters on the right. Here, the East Fork Humptulips drops over a split falls. There are seal launches on either side of the river, and a fish ladder to run on the right. A portage route is available high on the right as well. From here to the FS 22 bridge, the East Fork Humptulips carves its way through glistening bedrock and steep, lush canyon wall.

Video from the falls at Flatbottom Creek:
David's seal launch
Steve's seal launch
Brian's seal launch
David runs the falls
Kate's seal launch
Steve runs the falls
Sorry about the shake ... it's tough to shoot smooth video when clinging to a moss covered wall.

The falls at Flatbottom Creek.

The entrance to the Narrows, below the falls at Flatbottom Creek.

The Narrows really are narrow!

Once within the canyon, the river picks up a little gradient. Class II+ rapids abound.

David floating in the Narrows.

Nick in a typical rapid in the Narrows.

Steve and David in the Narrows.

Kate in the Narrows.

Nick, in a class III rapid on the Narrows. The wood forces a route through a small chute right of the midstream boulder.

Kate in the Narrows.

David in the rapid at Goforth Creek, which cascades into the canyon.

Steve, after clearing wood out of the two main channels.

Kate runs the rapid at Goforth Creek. All routes were blocked with wood when we arrived -- scout this drop!

Nick runs the rapid at Goforth Creek.

Nick enjoying the falls.

David at the falls.

Steve floating past the falls.

Did I mention the wood?

Kate and Nick below Goforth Creek.

Nick in a typical drop in the canyon below Goforth Creek.

Kate in the canyon below Goforth Creek.

David in the canyon below Goforth Creek.

Stevein the canyon below Goforth Creek.

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