Monday, November 15, 2004

Main Sky Carnage-fest

Matt watches his boat head toward the Needle.

On Sunday, David, Joe, Norm, Mark, Phil, Matt, Mel and I enjoyed a cool winter day on the Sky. We ran the Index to Big Eddy stretch on a flow of 2500 cfs. Most everyone spent a little time out of the boat; my best count was 14 swims. It was a playful day.

Photos are posted in the gallery.

Video Thanks to Joe for shooting the carnage!
David and Phil R2 on the North Fork Sky.
Brian and Matt in Boulder Drop.
Mel, Phil and David in Boulder Drop.
Norm in Boulder Drop.

Mel on the NF Sky.

Matt on the NF Sky.

Norm on the NF Sky.

Winter scenery.

The Sky Flotilla.

Brian, Ned's Needle, Boulder Drop.

Mel, Phil, and David blast through the Needle, Boulder Drop.

Norm in Boulder Drop.

Norm, bracing in the ledge below Boulder Drop.

Matt fell out!

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