Saturday, November 13, 2004

Fall in the Wall Scout

Fall in the Wall.

On Saturday, Natalia and I spent an unseasonably warm and sunny afternoon scouting Fall in the Wall, a IV-V series of ledges on the South Fork Snoqualmie. This was as much an excuse to expirement with long exposures as it was to scout the run. It sure looks sweet though, so look for a trip report soon!

Photos are available in the gallery.

Above Double Undercut.

Double Undercut.

A likely portage due to wood.

Right side of the same drop.

A tight little drop.

Below the narrow canyon that follows Fall in the Wall.

Natalia and I enjoying the afternoon.

What a canyon!

Just above the ledges.

One of the first, small ledges.

Part of the Fearsome Foursome?

Part of the Fearsome Foursome?

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