Friday, April 22, 2005

Copper Creek

Another workday -- and another lap on Copper Creek. What can I say, it's a great run. We had 830 cfs on the EF Lewis, but Copper wasn't as low as I had feared. The crew for the day: David, Nick, Shaun, Steve and I. It was Shaun's first lap, and Nick's first attempt at the big drops on this run. Weather was nice, pace was mellow, and all had a great time -- even our carnage donors!

Photos are available in the gallery. (coming soon)

Video coming soon -- enjoy the pics!

David runs the seam in the 8-foot drop of Triple Delight.

Nick dissapears into the foam.

That's me, trying the line that worked last time. It works better when there is enough water to get over the ledge!

Low water -- the fold is the only line.

Steve runs the drop with customary aplomb.

The author lining up for the final 18-foot drop.

Nick lands the 18-foot drop. We ran this drop far left this time, which worked great and offered an amazing auto-boof move.

Steve in Piton.

Shaun in Piton.

David at the top of the Flume.

Steve melts through the top hole.

Nick drops in.

Steve cleans the 7-foot sliding ledge that opens Final Five Canyon.

Steve in the 7-foot punchbowl.

Steve lines up for the headwall deceleration test.

Steve drops the bottom two ledges in Final Five Canyon.

David plows into the headwall.

David completes his run of Final Five.

David runs Shaun's Lynx through Final Five.

The author boofs the opening ledge.

The author drops over the punchbowl falls.

The author drops in.

The author, bracing for dear life!

Nick lands the punchbowl.

Nick enters the headwall drop.

Nick finishes his personal first descent of Final Five.

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