Sunday, February 20, 2005

White Salmon: Green Truss

Mike Novak putting in below Big Brother.

Sunday of President's Weekend found a crew assembled for the Green Truss. I didn't make the run, but the crew took the camera. Paddlers included David Chatham, Chris Dawkins, Mike Evans, Steve Munk, Mike Novak, and Scott Waidelich aka Fish. I'll turn the trip report over to Steve.

Original stills are online in the gallery.

Fish in a boulder garden above Meatball.

David in a boulder garden above Meatball.

Chris Dawkins in a boulder garden above Meatball.

Mike Evans in a boulder garden above Meatball.

Video: Bob's Falls

Mike Novak boofing left at Bob's.

Steve going left at Bob's.

Chris getting airtime at Bob's.

David rinsing his face off below Bob's.

Looking back upstream from Big Brother. Bob's is the top drop pictured.

Horizon line above Big Brother.

Fish getting ready to put in below Big Brother.

Mike Evans running right at Little Brother.

Video: Double Drop

Chris plunging into Double Drop.

David with a good line at Double Drop.

Mike Novak drops into Double Drop.

Fish getting psyched up for his turn at Double Drop.

Fish amongst it at Double Drop.

Fish going through in style at Double Drop.

Steve tries to show that IK's can windowshade too in Double Drop.

Video: Zig Zag Canyon

David heading into Upper Zig Zag.

David showing proper bracing technique in Upper Zig Zag.

Fish enjoying a pleasant run through Upper Zig Zag.

Chris Dawkins completing his run of Upper Zig Zag.

Looking back up at Upper Zig Zag.

Mike Novak drops into Lower Zig Zag.

Mike Novak enjoying the downstream view in Lower Zig Zag.

Mike Novak through most of it in Lower Zig Zag.

David practicing his high side near top of Lower Zig Zag.

David joining the Green Truss Swim Team at Splat rock in Lower Zig Zag.

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