Wednesday, March 30, 2005

The Raging

David parks on rock while Nick surfs below Cheesegrater.

It's official. Daylight savings is the finest holiday of the year. No obligatory shopping, no hordes of traffic leaving town, and a whole new lease on after work boating. Nick, Shaun, David, Joe and I met for a quick lap on the Raging -- my second pre-daylight savings run after work this year. Each one is like a little gift from the river gods.

The Raging is a great little class III run at the flows we had -- roughly 350 cfs. The run loses a bit of punch and avoiding wood is a bit easier than at the higher flows of 700 we'd enjoyed Sunday.

To liven up the class II+ lower section, Nick and I played a little WWF boating, trying to push each other sideways into holes, rocks, the bank, and other treacherous river features. Nick quickly realized I was unbeatable, and hung back, fearing for his life.

Photos are available in the gallery.

David just below the putin.

Shaun tries out an old-style AIRE Lynx I.

Nick boat scouts the gnar.

David checks out a narrow channel.

David in the entry to Cheesegrater.

Nick runs the right channel, Cheesegrater.

Shaun follows the line.

Joe opts for the left side run at Cheesegrater.

Joe gets in some surfing in the lower section of Cheesegrater.

Joe makes the move around a new log in the big logjam below Cheesegrater.

Nick and Joe below the logjam.

David runs the gnar.

Joe, Nick, and Shaun playing after work.

Oh shit! Who brought their pin kit?

David runs the drop in the canyon.

Joe's turn in the canyon.

Shaun lines up for the canyon drop.

Nick runs the drop in the canyon.

Nick, Shaun, and Joe below the canyon.

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