Sunday, June 25, 2006

Park 'n' Huck: Box Canyon Creek and Limp Wrist Falls

Fish raises the bar at the lip.

It's been a great spring run-off here in Washington, and we hadn't been able to get out for much of it at all. That all changed with a day of random action this past weekend.

Video: Box Canyon Creek and Limp Wrist

On the way home from the Cle Elum drainage, we pulled off near Lake Kachess to scout Box Canyon Creek. We expected the creek to be too low, but found enough water for a little park n huck. Fish took one look at Off-Ramp and went racing for the boat.

Fish scouts the technical entry to Off-Ramp on Box Canyon Creek.

His first lap was one of the most amazing things I've seen an IK do. Coming off the second of the two tiers of sliding bedrock, the boat started to roll. Scott landed on the bow, and pulled off a bow pirouette to stick the landing. Stoked on that move, he fired it up again, cleaning the line with style.

Yes, he landed it. No, I still don't believe it.

We explored a bit more and found a clean little double drop above Off-Ramp as well. Joe and Fish played on this one for awhile.

Joe runs the double drop.

Fish plays in the ledge hole.

Then we were back on the road, headed to beers and barbecue ... when we got the idea to pull over to scout Limp Wrist Falls, the worst-named drop in King County. For the story on this thrilling name, check Chris Joose's page. Erik Schertzl and crew also posted a great video clip of some laps on the falls earlier this winter.

The drop was low ... insanely low for something this big. Scott took one look and was back gearing up, soaking his third and final set of clothes for the day in his hurry to drop the falls.