Sunday, March 12, 2006

Canyon Creek North

Fish gets some hangtime on Canyon Creek

Sunday was another fun day on the water. We ran a couple minimum flow laps on Canyon Creek North in the Stilly drainage. Close to home, clean lines, good local pubs, and gorgeous weather made this a fun trip. Fish was along, as was Joe Sauve. Shaun came out for his first lap on this local classic. We stopped in a few new places for pics, so here are the highlights.

Fish on the entry ledge.

Shaun runs the entry for the first time.

Shaun leads over the second ledge.

Fish opts for the narrow right slot. We ran all three lines this run.

Fish gets launched by a hidden rock in the double drop.

Shaun boat scouts his way to success!

Shaun runs the weir-like ledge below the crux section.

Joe coming through the runout of the crux drop.

After this fun lap, we made mad bomb run -- no eddies, so scouting, just hit your line and keep moving. What a great run for a sprint!

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