Saturday, June 18, 2005

Green Truss

Fish celebrates after dropping Big Brother.

On Saturday, a motley crew assembled for a run on the Green Truss. Crew: Steve, David, Mark, Fish, Novak, Joe, and Sean.

Flows on the Husum gauge were at 1.88' Boney up top, but still a good flow.

Fish in one of the warm up drops.

We lost Sean early when he tweaked a shoulder rolling. We pulled out for a quick look at Bob's Falls before lining up for the drop.

Video: Bob's Falls

Mark Yauney nails the line at Bob's Falls.

The drop just below Bob's is a clean ledge. It's on of my favorite combinations on the run.

Steve gets a tailstand below Bob's.

Fish in the same ledge.

Ah, Big Brother. It's a benchmark for Northwest paddlers, no doubt about it. Thsi was a very friendly flow, and several opted to run the falls. Of the four IKs who attempted the drop, all four landed cleanly, and only one ended up in the cave.

Video: Big Brother

David, Fish, Steve, and Mark drop Big Brother. Mark and Scott showcase the rock brace technique.

Everyone had clean runs at Little Brother ... well, almost everyone.

Video: Little Brother

Steve works on his sidesurfing technique.

The drops below Little Brother went quickly, and we pulled out to look at Double Drop. Gotta say I like this one with a bit more water.

Video: Double Drop

David, Steve, Fish, and Mark in Double Drop.

I think the Truss has been well enough described elsewhere ... so I'll just give you the photos for the rest of the run. Everything went well, with minimal carnage in the Zig Zags. There were also some good lines set at BZ Falls, and everyone enjoyed a great day on this scenic and entertaining run.

Fish in Cheesegrater.

Video: Zig Zag Canyon

The author and David in Upper Zig Zag.

Fish in Lower Zig Zag.

Video: The Flume

Steve and Mark in The Flume.

Video: BZ Falls

Steve, Mark and Fish in BZ Falls.

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