Sunday, June 29, 2008

Idaho Road Trip I

Wow, it's been over a year since my last post. Anyone still out there? It's been a crazy year, and probably the best year for self support overnighters I've ever had. But there's not been much on the creeky or visually special, so I haven't had much to post.

I do have a few things to share from a wonderful 2 week sojourn to Idaho this past summer. Nick, Shaun, and I drove out to meet Bart and Bill from CA for our first week of boating in the Payette drainage. After a long drive, we opted to stretch our legs on the Cabarton run on the NF. Sorry, no IK carnage from the real NF Payette for you ...

Bill and Shaun have graciously shared photos for these ID posts. I'll indicate their photos with a [BT] or [SR] credit in the captions.

Out of the car at last! [BT]

The Cabarton run is surprisingly scenic for its proximity to the road.

The author approaching Railroad drop. [BT]

Bart catches an eddy as Bill sweeps through Railroad. [SR]

The run is class I-II, with 2 rapids that are rated as IIIs. Railroad is the first of these stand out drops. The second is Howard's Plunge a nice little splashy takeout drop.

Shaun commits to Howard's Plunge.

Bart rides a huge brace.

This was the end of our NF boating. The rest of the run was too low (above Cabarton) or too high (the lower five). So we headed up to scout Staircase and spent the rest of the week base camped at Pine Flats on the SF Payette.

Special thanks to Shaun and Bill for sharing their photos.