Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Idaho Road Trip III: NF Boise

After an aborted attempt on the MF Payette run, we headed out to explore the NF Boise. We found some great looking scenery, so we added a few roadside miles to the top of the run to lengthen our float.

The overall character of this run is class II-III is a nicely forested canyon. The standout features of the run though are the inner gorge. This section comes a few miles after the river leaves the road. A fantastic IV boulder garden is the longest and biggest drop on the run, and was full of great lines. We read and ran, and then stopped for a restful lunch in the heart of the gorge below the drop. We found some excellent possible camp spots for future trips.

The author, lending a helping hand with a grueling shuttle. [SR]

Typical canyon scenery. [SR]

Floating down the NF Boise, past twin tower rock formations.

Looking back up at the long boulder garden. [SR]

Myself, Shaun, and Nick taking lunch. [BT]

Our scenic lunch spot. [BV][BT][BT]

Approaching confluence and takeout. [BT]

The takeout to putin shuttle requires a decent rig, as the road is a little rough. Nothing too bad, but not Honda territory.

Thanks again to Shaun Riedinger and Bill Tuthill for photos. Theirs are noted with a [SR] or [BT] in photo captions.