Monday, June 30, 2008

Idaho Road Trip II: MF Payette

After our warm up lap on the Cabarton run, we were excited about seeing something a little more creeky. We headed up to the MF Payette looking for a ledgy class IV run described in Idaho the Whitewater State. The drive up to the takeout had some roadside mank that was borderline runnable.

Roadside mank.

After reaching the takeout and finding a low but runnable level and a nice exit drop, we were stoked. We headed up the road, with an eye to scout.

Takeout drop -- looked great!

Steep trib of the MF Payette. Love all that bedrock!

Typical MF boogie. [SR]

Unfortunately, our road scout revealed nothing but log-choked drops. Although some had portage routes, no one knew the run and the group decided to run a mellower III run in the area.

Typical MF Payette: Great rapid, shut down with wood. [SR]

Shaun on our backup run. [BT]